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Smart Deal M&A Challenge Participant 2022


Why did you decide to attend Smart Deal Challenge last year?

I saw this as an opportunity to improve and gain practical experience from the field. Also, I always wanted to work in Penta and saw this as the only way to accomplish it.

What was the biggest challenge on this contest for you?

The second round. You need to perform deep dive analysis of both target and industry for delivery of decent business plan and valuation. All this in short period of time, so you need to be effective.

What tips would you give other students thinking of entering the competition?

For the first round, get used to numerical tests based on speed and precision. For the knowledge quiz, recap the basics of corporate finance from your uni classes, if you feel the need to do so. For the second round, keep the presentation of your output simple and straightforward.

What do you do in Penta now?

As an analyst, I have diverse array of responsibilities and tasks necessary for the organic and inorganic growth of Penta’s portfolio. I mostly contribute in Penta’s healthcare and financial services projects. I cooperate with the other project team members on management of the portfolio companies and deal with various challenges within the projects on daily basis.

What do you like most about your job and culture in Penta?

Definitely the self-development and diversity of the job. Basically from the day one I was assigned with interesting tasks that require certain amount of creativity and effectiveness. The solution and goal oriented environment will push you forward each day. I also love that I can cooperate with Investment Managers, Directors and even Partners on daily basis for advice and insight.

Can you tell me more about the selection process for the Smart Deal Challenge?

As I mentioned already, the first round was based on online tests and it is definitely worth a try. Candidates with best results were asked to prepare a case study. This was presented in front of jury in Prague. I believe the second round usually takes place there.

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