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  Smart Deal M&A Challenge Winner 2018


Why did you decide to attend Smart Deal Challenge?

I have always known Penta to be one of several prestigious investment firms in the region, with many successfully executed projects. In my view, Smart Deal was a unique opportunity to start in such firm right out of university.

What was the biggest challenge on this contest for you?

The first round was based on a CV and basic finance knowledge, which is in general to be expected, so no major surprises there.

The biggest challenge was undoubtedly convincing the case jury that your approach to the case study is correct, as you only have about 30 minutes to present your case. Be clear and consistent in your conclusions and well-prepared for any questions.

What tips would you give other students thinking of entering the competition?

Be well prepared for the second round. Go through the business case in detail and make sure that you understand the underlying business as well, not just financials.

What do you do in Penta now?

I am currently an Analyst, which has rather broad reach across various activities within Penta. Every project within Penta has a dedicated project team, in which analyst’s role is to understand the business, it’s challenges and opportunities and then work with the management to further develop the project.

What do you like most about your job and culture in Penta?

Since my start, I was immediately assigned to interesting projects and given rather high responsibilities within the given project team, which has help me to develop at a significant pace. Biggest advantage of this position is that you are always in in-person contact with senior management, and thus you can learn from them how approach various business issues and how they lead people.

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