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The winner Real Estate Challenge 2015
At the moment on a position Business Development Manager, Bratislava

Why did you decide to attend Smart Deal Challenge last year?

There were two primary reasons, first one being pure curiosity as such student challenge is unprecedented among Slovak employers when headhunting. The other was my personal attraction to the subject of real estate and construction in general. Obviously, I cannot deny the fact that the job proposal and ability to work for one of the top local developers was not attractive either.

What was the biggest challenge on this contest for you?

The beauty of this contest is that it really makes you dig deep and test your abilities on multiple levels – numerically, logically and business-wise. There are significant obstacles in terms of tests and assignment to be overcome but at the end of the day, even bigger rewards.

What do you do in Penta now? What is your possition?

My work designation is business development consultant at real estate division. The work description is really varied depending on the assignment and its stage in project lifecycle. Basically it spans across the whole project spectrum from the involvement in design development and setting of commercial briefs through coordination of certain marketing activities, evaluating project performance along the way to preparation of proposals on business development. The negotiations, meetings with business partners and contract dealings are all on daily agenda too. There is literally nothing you can possibly avoid in terms of real estate field of business.

How would you describe the atmosphere and people in Penta?

If you ask me, the one word I would use is intense. There is a unique blend of different personalities, each perfect in their respective areas of specialization, yet they are really great people to hang out with after work too. The office setting is incredibly motivating and always buzzing. I can hardly imagine any better place to be at the outset of your career, perhaps with the exception of a gap year J.

Do you have a chance to spend some time with your colleagues also on informal basis?

As I have already mentioned above, we enjoy quite a lot of time together in our spare time, be it doing mutual sport activities, casual strolls to the city centre for an after-work beer or birthday celebrations. You really do not have to tell my colleagues twice to have a little fun together. They are always open to let the steam off and have a good time. It is certainly positive that teambuilding activities are widely supported within the company.

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