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The winner M&A Challenge 2015

Why did you decide to attend Smart Deal Challange last year?

I have never heard of any company in Penta´s line of work was hiring students for comparable position. I believe this was unique opportunity not only for CEE but also outside region.

What was the biggest challange on this contest for you?

I guess you ask this intentionally, so I can provide a guidance for future participants.
Any piece of advice on the first round would be useless since 50% weight is put on your CV and 50% is put on the test, neither of which can be influenced by last minute preparation.
But if you get lucky to be advanced into 6 finalists then you are given 3 days time to prepare output, which you defend for only roughly 30 minutes. Make sure you deliver clear, easy to read, easy to understand work and most importantly remember that you are not only presenting your work but also yourself.

What do you do in Penta now? What is your possition?

I work as an Investment Analyst in Buy-out division. I am assigned to projects Procare and Carnibona. The first one are outpatient clinics in Slovakia and the latter is meat processing business spanning over 3 countries. So far on the job it was mostly about supervising the management of portfolio companies on regular basis. You, with Investment Manager, Director and Partner together with management of the company meet on regular basis to discuss budget, operating issues, risks etc.

How would you describe the atmosphere and people in Penta?

Penta is fairly young company in terms of both firms age and firms employees average age, which creates very relaxed atmosphere.

Do you have a chance to spend some time with your colleagues also on informal basis?

Yes. Among others I had the opportunity on business trips where you get the chance to spend more relaxed time with your colleagues from Penta as well as from portfolio company of the project after the work.

Registration has ended. Thanks to everyone who accepted the challenge!