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The winner Real Estate Challenge 2016

At the moment on a position Business Development Consultant, Bratislava

Why did you decide to attend Smart Deal Challenge last year?

I am very competitive person and I really like challenging myself. So when I saw the announcement of this competition, I knew I have to be part of it and it will be at least very valuable experience. Moreover I am huge architecture enthusiast and from the moment I saw first visualizations of Sky Park by Zaha Hadid, I wanted to be part of this unique project.

What was the biggest challange on this contest for you?

As I was student of Vysoká Škola Ekonomická and there you cannot find any classes related to real estate, I had to understand all real estate by self-studying and in very short time. But it was not the biggest challenge. The biggest one was logical part of "Online Knowledge quiz". It was crazy brain teaser and in the end of given time I felt my brain was burning. You will see what I am talking about ;)

What tips would you give other students thinking of entering the competition?

Step out of your comfort zone and do not be afraid, if you have no idea about real estate. If you are smart enough and you have some knowledge about financial mathematics you can learn all basics in quite short time. Only things you need is your brain, common sense and YouTube tutorials with google search :D

What do you do in Penta now? What is your possition?

Now I am occupying position of Business Development Consultant and my main task is looking for new acquisitions - Greenfields, Brownfields or live projects and analyze them in terms of feasibility, purpose, segment, acquisition price, due diligence, technical diligence. Besides that we have a lot of other activities. We participate architectural competitions, negotiations of financing with banks. We prepare pricing analysis, which result in actual prices of selling apartments. We prepare commercial briefs of upcoming projects, which contains all business drivers of project from mix of apartments to number of sockets in living room. So you can actually see outcome of your work. And this is only part of activities we do every day. This variety of my work is something, that I like the most. You do not have to be worried about stereotype.

Working in company as Penta requires well-balanced personal and work life . How do you achieve this equality in a such demanding job ?

Based on paragraph above it seems I cannot have any free time, but that is not true at all. Working hours in Penta can be very flexible within reasonable boundaries and this is huge benefit for me. In Penta we are oriented on results of our work and not on working hours, what is something, that allows me to have really good work life balance.

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